Christmas Countdown!

Zaczynamy nasz Christmas Countdown! Codziennie nowe zadanie! 

Odpowiedzi wysyłamy mailowo na lub przez facebooka (tam również dostępne są wszystkie zadania)  Good luck!

1. Name 5 Christmas movies

2. What is the first name of Scrooge, the character of “A Christmas Carol”?

3. Name 5 Christmas Carols

4. Where did the Christmas tree tradition start?

5. Name 3 negative Christmas characters (e.g. Grinch)

6. Which Harry Potter character could wear Christmas stockings as if they were normal-sized socks?

7. Which animal is best at walking on ice?

a) moose          b) reindeer          c) buffalo

8. What is a baby reindeer called?

a) deerlet          b) pup          c) calf

9. The biggest Christmas stocking ever made was 51m tall and over 21m wide. What presents were put inside?

a) Watermelons           b) Balloons filled with sweets             c) Nothing

10. What’s the name of the place where there is always winter but never Christmas?

a) Narnia                 b) Neverland                 c) The Black Isle

11. Which is NOT another name for Santa Claus?

a) Father Christmas            b) Peter Quince               c) Kris Kringle

12. Which of these is a real thing celebrated in Britain in December?

a) Christmas Jumper Day          b) Woolly Hat Day          c) Warm Socks Day

13. Name all the Santa’s reindeer.

14. Where does the Grinch who stole Christmas live?

a) Jungle of Nool          b) Mount Crumpit            c) Whoville

15. Where is Santa Claus called Joulupukki which means „Christmas goat”?

a) Australia              b) India                         c) Finland

16. How many turkeys are eaten around the world each Christmas?

a) 22 000                b) 220 000                      c) 22 000 000

17. Which country plays a cricket test match every Boxing Day?

a) Australia            b) Sri Lanka                  c) Pakistan

18. Adelaide holds the record for Australia’s hottest ever Christmas. How hot was it?

a) 32.1 ℃                b) 42.1 ℃                       c) 52.1 ℃

19. When was the first Christmas card printed?

a) 1043                    b) 1843                          c) 2003

20. If you are scared of snowflakes, you have:

a) claustrophobia    b) arachnophobia      c) chionophobia

21. Which King of England was crowned on Christmas Day 1066

a) William the Conqueror            b) Richard I            c)Henry VIII

22. Roughly how many people were involved in the biggest ever snowball fight?

a) 800                    b) 8 000                       c) 8 000 000

23. Which is not a place where Santa usually leaves Christmas presents?

a) a child’s shoe        b)  a stocking           c) an oven


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